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High energy efficiency windows

All Custom Sizes

Every window contractor is hired to take custom measurements for your specific window sizes.
All measurements are sent to a local manufacture that creates them just for you

All American Made

All windows and doors are manufactured in California.
Guaranteed to meet California’s high efficiency standards.

Triple Pane Windows

The default window selection for the pace program. Highest energy efficiency with the highest noise reduction.

Double Pane Low-E

Low-E windows are energy efficient because any material that reflects, absorbs, and emits radiant energy is going to save energy.

Double & Triple Pane Sliding Doors

Dual pane doors will have argon gas and Low-E materials to lower the solar heat gain co-efficient (SHGC) and lower the U-Factor. Triple doors have double the gas and better SHGC and U-Factors.

Multi-Sliding Doors

Part of the PACE program platinum selections window glazers, framers, and manufactures will work together to create custom multi panelled doors. This can create a very large opening for patio and living spaces

French Doors

Replace sliding doors with classic french doors that offer wide openings for standard door frames. This platinum feature comes in Low-E double pane options for maximum efficiency.

Garden Windows

Custom platinum series selection. These can be manufactured both in Dual Pane & Triple Pane. Perfect balance for maximizing storage and elegance without sacrificing efficiency.
Only Clear Low E2 Glass is available.

Custom Designs

Extreme sizes would be the only restriction. Contact your local office to work out custom designs unique to your home.

Custom Designed Upgrades for your home.

“Rest Easy knowing you’re in good hands”


All inclusive program backed insurance


Dedicated professionals for turn key projects


State Licensed, Bonded and Professional


No money down. Fixed rates Tax deductible

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