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Insurance policies are backed by the program instead of contractors. Only the highest quality materials are used to guarantee reduction of leaks or damages.
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Title 24 Building Efficiency Codes

Title 24 is a collection,of energy standards that address the energy efficiency of new
and altered home's along with commercial buildings. The California Energy Commission updates the Building Energy Efficiency Standards every 3 years.

Decking (or Sheathing)
Radiant Barrier

The most effective radiant barrier sheathing is a structual roof sheathing panel wich consists of anOSB Panel with heat-reflecting foil laminated
to one side.


A flat roofing structure created to make sure
water does not accumulate in junction areas.
Main function is to make sure water continues to
flow off the roof.


The ridge is upper most part of the roof, it runs along
the top where ever 2 roof hips meet.


The "V-cut" angle along the junction of two
slopes of a roof

Underlay Membrane

This coating, made of felt saturated with asphalt
or a synthetic fabric, protects the shingles
against resin released by the wood decking

Drip Edge (Rack Trimming)

Moulding that covers the edge of the roof and reduces the
risk of water infiltration.

Flashing (Joint Covers)

Flashing can be flexible or rigid and is made of
galvanized steel, aluminum or plastic. Mostly all
the spots on a roof that are metal are going to be
flashings to protect penitrations

Shingles & Tiles

Made of fibreglass and asphalt, shingles protect the
roof from rain and lend a house character.. the default tiles
used by the pace program are light weight energy efficiency
clay. Concrete is known to retain heat wich radiets through
out the night, which is why clay is the most energy efficient.

Roof Vents

These enclosed structures made of metal or plastic
feature openings and fins, ensuring that
the attic space is properly ventilated.

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