Guaranteed Quality

All installed hardscapes come with a minimum 20 year guarantee, in material & craftsmanship. Synthetic grass and all pre-manufactured materials are made in America
for best quality and availability.

Title 24 Building Efficiency Codes

All our hardscapes are designed to reduce water consumption, while still adhearing to
title 24 efficiency codes. Hardscapes are designed to also allow drainage
to reduce puddling, slips and falls.


Both attractive and functional concrete that allows
water from precipitation and other sources to pass
directly through, thereby reducing the runoff from
a site and allowing groundwater recharge.

Desert Landscaping

Soil is removed up to 4 inches and covered in a weed
resistant barrier. Layers of granulated soil make up the
drain factor for moister, the top layer is then layed down
and can be permanently affixed, desert flora can be included.

Drought Tolerant

Wide range of drought tolerant flora, in combination
with our drip irrigation system will drastically lower
your water bills.

Custom Pavers

Replacing grass and other vegitation with custom pavers
no only increases the efficiency of your home but also
its value.

Synthetic Grass

Attractiveness and durablitily are The Pace Programs
focus with synthetic grass. Heat resistant synthetic
grass is also available for the active family.

Custom Pathways

Multi directional pathways throughout your yard
are composed of drought tolerant materials.
This innovative hardscape design will add a unique flare to your home.

Custom Designed Upgrades
for your home.

“Rest Easy knowing you’re in good hands”


All inclusive program
backed insurance


Dedicated proffesionals
for turn key projects


State Licesensed,
Bonded and Proffesional


No money down. Fixed rates
Tax deductible