The PACE Program of California

The PACE Program is operated by private consulting agencies locally established in regions throughout California. These local branches are resource centers for homeowners and business owners to meet and consult with authorized PACE Consulting representatives. Services include providing complete information on how to properly upgrade your homes with the latest energy efficient upgrades as well as design and engineer projects that are approved for you at no cost.

Resource centers perform project management for all PACE construction projects as well as assign certified site inspectors to guarantee material and craftsmanship quality. Your local resource center will also provide price regulated quotes for consumer protection as well as assign you reputable contractors who are signed under The PACE Program. If financing is needed, we offer in house financing as well as assist in qualifying for PACE financing. PACE financing is a separate program independent of The PACE Program that is facilitated through the contractors that we assign and administered by PACE providers.

How The PACE Program Works

Provide comprehensive knowledge on current and future legislation that affect the energy efficiency codes pertaining to the region in which your home resides. emphasize which upgrades fall into line with California energy efficiency standards. Regulations adherent to the 80% carbon emissions reduction plan by 2030 dictate which upgrades that will actually add value to your home, and retain value as the years go by. Helping you make the right choices to future proof your home. We will provide you our professional opinions, not ultimatums. You tell us how we can help you.

Provide quotes for your energy efficiency projects based on price regulations set forth by the PACE Program of California. This eliminates sales commission and moderates inflated profit margins set forth by contractors. All projects will have a license contractor selected through your city’s public work department or by PACE consulting agency. All insurance policies are backed by The PACE program. This marginalizes the contractor to just an installer. if the contractor were to go out of business, your insurance policy will still be active through the program.

PACE consulting agency helps you apply and qualify for PACE Financing if you need assistance in paying for your project’s cost. All financing is done through applications from private PACE providers registered with your local municipality to process your application and submit your files to the County Clerk. No debt is added to your credit because no banks are involved in your PACE assessment. A very low rate of interest is provided and, in most cases, tax deductible. PACE financing is a service provided throughout the program and is not mandatory to participate.

About the PACE Program

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs as well as PACE financing was created in 2008 in California and was implemented on the federal level in 2009. It is administered through state and local partnerships. The funds which are eligible to access will be issued and paid back to the county in which the property resides in.

The PACE Program was created as a resource center for consumer protection in 2018. The PACE Program of California is not related to Property Assessed Clean Energy and is available to all homeowners and business owners regardless of whether they use PACE Financing or not. PACE Consulting Agency Incorporated is the official company to represent The PACE Program in all local areas. PACE Consulting Agency is a privately owned company that does not charge home owners for their services.

Project Planning

We will manage your projects from start to finish. Meticulous planning and coordination from our operations team ensures a quicker job with less mistakes.

Customer Service

Our Customer service is here to help and inform you every step of the way.
Receive real-time updates from material acquisition to signed off permit inspections from your city.

PACE In-House Funding Programs

We guide you the whole step of the way to give you the best experience for your home project.

  • No early payment penalties and only pay for interest that has already accrued.
  • 0% interest during promotional period.
  • Low fixed interest rate with no escalator.
  • No liens added to your home or building.
  • May be transferable upon sale of property.

About PACE Financing

PACE Financing is administered through private lending companies partnered with public municipalities and permitted by the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA). California cities and counties must be a member of CSCDA and adopt a resolution to opt-in to CSCDA Open PACE in order to participate.


The property assessed clean energy (PACE) model is an innovative mechanism for accessing funds for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements on private property. PACE programs exist for other residential properties and commercial properties. PACE programs allow a property owner to finance the up-front cost of energy or other eligible improvements on a property and then pay the costs back over time through a voluntary assessment. This assessment will not show up on your credit report.


PACE financing for a clean energy projects is generally based on an existing structure known as a “land-secured financing district,” often referred to as an assessment district, a local improvement issues bonds to fund projects with a public purpose such s streetlights, sewer systems, or underground utility lines. The PACE Program allows you to access funds to renovate your home to meet the demand for energy efficiency. Typically, your payments go to the county which the structure you are renovating resides in. The PACE Program was created on the federal level but is implemented through state and local partnerships. The funds which are eligible to access will be issued and payed back to the county in which the property resides in. The Pace Program will have local Partners in each area to help you apply and record each project with the county.

PACE Financing (Property Assessed Clean Energy)

Administered by a PACE Provider through our signed Contractors. We are not part of nor affiliated directly with PACE Financing lenders; but will help applicants in asset verification and application qualification. All our resources are still available at no charge if you apply through our assigned PACE Program Contractors.

  • Approval not based on credit score
  • Low interest rates (regardless of credit score)
  • Fixed rates
  • Spread cost over life of product (up to 25 years)
  • Will not affect your credit score

Some Reasons to Work

Payments may be tax deductible.

Consult your tax advisor to see if your home
qualifies you for potential tax benefits.

High Product Standards

All products installed in a PACE-Funded project
are required to meet government efficiency
or performance standards.

Personal Loan
Flexible terms and fixed rates

Rates for PACE financing are locked in so there's no surprises. Funding can be paid in flexible term lengths, of 5-25 years based on the nature of your project. Also, there's no early payment penalties, so finish whenever you want.

“Rest Easy knowing you’re in good hands”

PACE financing is currently available for homeowners in California, Florida, and Missouri, and legislation exists in some form in 36 states plus Washington D.C. At the end of August 2015, the Obama Administration announced new actions that will remove barriers for residential PACE financing for single-family households.

While the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) initially warned investors against buying mortgages with PACE assessments attached to them the Administration’s recent actions show it’s changed its tune, and is now encouraging more municipalities to pursue PACE financing legislation.

Find out if PACE financing options are available near you, and don’t forget to compare your financing options when considering solar power for your household.


All inclusive program
backed insurance


Dedicated proffesionals
for turn key projects


State Licesensed,
Bonded and Proffesional


No money down. Fixed rates
Tax deductible